Mark Howarth, Financial Services Professional: “Steve and Beer go together like fish and water – they were made for each other. His passion for real beer has made a major impact on not only my life, but virtually all of his close friends that surround him. I met Steve in first year university, and at that time I was content to drink Coors or Blue, and although I’m ashamed to admit it; Yankee Jim. Soon after meeting Steve it was apparent that one his missions in life was to broaden the horizons of people like myself, the beer oblivious. Over half a decade later I can now fully appreciate the delicacy of a Belgium Tripel, the depth of a Russian Imperial stout, and if nothing else the inadequacy of commercial beer. Thanks Steve!”

Dinesh Bhayana, Medical Student: “My entire beer experience has changed drastically since I started reading DefinitiveAle and having the occasional beer with Steve. My go-to beers of the past are no more and every time I step into the LCBO I feel a sense of curiosity and excitement that I never had before. I scan the shelves of singles and look for names I recognize from the blog. After a taste I’ll go back to Steve’s articles and read his comments for more insight. This whole process has been incredibly enjoyable and eye-opening for me, and it all stems from Steve’s passion for beer. I can’t wait to see more from the Steve and DefinitiveAle, and I hope more people can learn to enjoy beer in a whole new light like I have. Thank you Steve!”

Zak Gordon, Professional Bartender: “Stephen has a steadfast determination to uncover anything related to the world of beer. Throughout his journey for knowledge he has been able to retain a ferocious amount of detail, apply it, and compose it so that the most layman person can understand. It is not uncommon to witness his knowledge supercede that of existing professionals in the industry. Steve is the guy to share beer with – you will quickly learn so much more than you ever thought possible. I am truly in awe of his passion, enthusiasm, and pure love which he exudes when discussing beer. Coupled together, these qualities and his relentless innovation will drive the beer industry into bold and exciting new directions and I stand behind him 100%.”

Colin Pattison, Canpages Media Consultant: “Steve is undoubtedly one of Canada’s most important beer enthusiasts. His passion, knowledge and professionalism shine through not only in his work but also in his way of life. He offers a fresh perspective on the state of the beer community and provides a continuous stream of commentary that allows beer lovers of all levels to become involved in the conversation. He is an encyclopedic genius and a force to be reckoned within the brewers’ landscape, now and for the years to come.”

Rachel Drake, Salt and Pepper Design: “I just drank an Innis & Gunn walking around roncy village, Steve changed my life! I can honestly say that I will probably start being a real beer girl now that I know how to appreciate it.”

Ben, Parliamentary Intern: “Having a beer with Stephen is truly and exciting occasion. It’s not just the beer itself, it’s the enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion he brings that really makes it a unique and memorable experience.”

Jared Zaifman, Z Group: “Stephen was the first person to introduce me to truly great beers.  He has a fiery passion for beer that will never be quelled and if I ever have any questions or advice regarding the next step in my beer journey he is my go to person.”

Dinesh Bhayana, UWO Medical Student: “Having a beer with Steve was an eye opening experience for me! I think it’s real beer from now on only.”

Jason Wexler, Development Manager, Burrard International Development: “Stephen is the guy I go to when I need beer questions answered. He has such a deep understanding of brewing and various types of beers that you are always getting reasoned insight into the world of fine beers.”

Jay Taylor, Financial Services Representative: “I really got into real beer after having a pint with Steve. His passion and excitement for beer is contagious and he truly makes you appreciate everything that beer offers.  Steve is the go to guy for all things beer related.”

Justin Hein, Project Manager, Salt & Pepper Design: “There is no one who opened me to more flavors and showed me how much I didn’t know about beer than Steve. He dispelled myth and showed me real insight into the world of real beer.”

One Response to Testimonials

  1. Bru Ananth says:

    A couple of years back, my girlfriend got me drinking Coors light thinking it was a way to lessen the Carb blow to my gut, I went along with it for a while until I met Steve. Steve was a man who treated his body like a shrine, working out everyday, eating 5 times a day, and the only thing that came close to the flavorful home brewed beer of his (that I had the pleasure of sampling) was the protein shakes he made for himself in the mornings. How could someone who micro managed everything that went into his body be so free spirited in sampling and consuming the beers of the world? The answer, my friends, is because when it comes to beers, Stevie doesn’t drink Coors Light. Stay thirsty my friends!

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