I Look Forward to the Winter for the Ommegang Adoration

October 5, 2010

I’ve has countless bottles of beer from Brewery Ommegang in my life, and they always at very least excite me. There have been many memorable beers, but none quite as astounding as the Adoration, their special winter ale. Ommegang is brewing Belgian inspired ales in Cooperstown NY, and the Adoration is no exception – it is a 10% Belgian Dark Strong Ale that is packed with deep fruit and malt flavors and a rich crackling of spices. The beer just cries out for the winter.

It will be floating throughout the United States again from Late October to December, and may last on shelves even a bit longer than that. What I am most excited for is of course to drink it again, but also to put a few bottles in my cellar. Big, rich and spicy beers like this can benefit to amazingly with some time to mature. Bottle conditioning (a process by which existing yeast in the bottle naturally carbonates the beer) allows for a very real transformation to slowly take place as the beer ages – exactly like with fine wine. If you do see the Adoration on a shelf, I would by 2 to age for every 1 you enjoy.

Tasting the Ommegang Adoration

April 2, 2010

Brewery Ommegang produces some amazing an unique beers. We already looked at the Three Philosophers when I did a cupcake made with beer, and as explained, it blew me away. It is such an exciting combination of savory and sweet Belgian Quadroupel flavors with tart cherry Lambic. Ommegang’s tagline is “Belgian beer in America”. Very well done Ommegang.

But my most recent Ommegang experience has topped even that; the Ommegang Adoration had me running through a wide list of winter beers to try to find one that could potentially sit at the top with the Adoration. Wouldn’t you know it – the Adoration seems to be alone at the top!

The bottle proclaims that it is a traditional winter ale brewed in the Belgian Manner, but with a twist of unusual spicing. It has been brewed with coriander, cardamom, mace, grains of paradise, and sweet orange peel. This alone got me excited. Read the rest of this entry »