Dogfish Head Can’t Keep Up With the LCBOs Demands

September 15, 2010

In a quick follow up to my earlier post today claiming that the LCBO had discontinued the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, I have more information. The LCBO is the worlds largest single buy of alcoholic products, supplying stores all across Ontario. They also have unbelievably strict regulations with regards to what can be sold at the LCBO, and what needs to be met in order to keep that product on shelves. The Dogfish Head 60 is also one of the best selling Pale Ales in North America. Dogfish Head simply cannot keep up supply enough to dedicate all the LCBO is demanding to one distributor. While the LCBO distributes to hundreds of stores, it is nonetheless a single distributor, and Dogfish Head needs to ensure that all of their consumers are happy.

This does mean that hopefully soon the 60 will be back, and hopefully with some friends.

The LCBO Discontinued The Dogfish Head 60…

September 15, 2010

I am very sorry to report this, but just this week an inside source confirmed with me that the LCBO recently discontinued the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA; in my humble opinion, probably the best IPA available (previously) at the LCBO. This source did say that he wasn’t 100% sure if this was actually the case, but the LCBO website does not lie. On the product site for the 60 Minute it plainly exclaims that it is Discontinued.

I am currently unaware of the reasoning behind this, and it may have been a Dogfish Head decision rather than an LCBO one. Regardless, it is gone, sadly. To substitute the fresh, crisp, hope-forward awesomeness that was the 60 Minute, I would reccomend the Southern Tier IPA or the Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion.

Tasting the Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel

September 14, 2010

What is a Weissbier Dunkel? A Weissbier is a German Wheat beer; a classic beer style brewed with 25% or more malted or unmalted wheat. These beers are typically very refreshing, effervescent, lightly fruity with a wheaty fresh aroma and flavor. So what’s the Dunkel all about? Come the colder months of the fall and winter the German people wanted a beer with greater depth, something that would reflect the season a bit better than a quenching summer weisse. Thus was born the Dunkel, a Weissbier brewed with a portion of darker caramelized malts.

What you get is the fresh feeling of a Weissbier, with an added touch of spice, malt, dark aromas and caramel. The authentic versions of this beer style, such as the Erdinger, which may be one of the most authentic, are all bottle conditioned, and medium in strength. The Erdinger is 5.6% abv, is bottle conditioned, and comes in a standard German 500ml bottle. It is available at the LCBO year round, and is a treat year round. Read the rest of this entry »

Toronto Beer Week is Less Than One Week Away!

September 14, 2010

Ok, I hope by now that beer lovers in and around Toronto already know about Toronto Beer Week (TBW). If not, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the website, contain your excitement, and book off the week to drink beer! This is a week long beer celebration starting on Monday September the 20th, running till Sunday the 26th. Thats only 6 days away!

I was going to post a full list of all the events happening during this week around Toronto, but there must be 100 of them! Check out the TBW Events Page for a full listing of what events are taking place where throughout the week. This is a great chance to enjoy some of the best beer available in Ontario, meet some of your favorite brewers, and mingle with beer lovers, media, and professionals alike. This is going to be a grand week ‘o beer!

Beer & Nosh Take a Visit to Orval

August 27, 2010

Orval is one of the few remaining authentic trappist breweries who brew all their own beer. Fellow beer blogger Beer & Nosh just posted a lovely guided tour of the history Orval brewery. The Brewery is housed within the monastery walls, and they brew but 1 beer that reaches our market. And thankfully, after about a 5 year drought, we will be getting it back at the LCBO!

If you ever wondered what monks brewing beer looks like, take a look at Beer & Nosh’s site. Thanks guys!

Tasting the Innis & Gunn 2010 Highland Cask

August 26, 2010

They are coming very soon to an LCBO near you – finally Canada is going to experience the Innis & Gunn Highland Cask. This 2010 Highland Cask is the 2nd that Innis & Gunn has brewed. In 2009 they made one for Sweden that I was lucky enough to try; that was aged in 18 year old Highland Whisky barrels. This, the 2010 edition brewed for the Canadian Market has been aged in 21 year old barrels from the Speyside region of Scotland. Innis would not say which distillery it was, and there are many. But to give you an idea, they include Aberlour, Belvenie, Cardhu, Glenfarclas, Glenrothes, Linkwood, Macallan, Strathisla, and more.

This Innis, like all special editions, comes in a signature box, this one an earthy green branded with “Highland Cask” on the front. It was aged in “extremely rare oak barrels” for 49 days. Innis & Gunn went to brewing a special beer for these special barrels, and watched it carefully as it matured in the oak until they felt it had reached its prime. This Highland Cask is brewed with pale and amber malts to create a smooth, creamy and biscuit like beer to best complement the light honey and floral notes of the oak. It finished at 7.1% abv. Read the rest of this entry »

LCBO’s Beer Garden Swings Into Action

August 18, 2010

Right now the LCBO is gearing up for their largest beer selection of the year. The summer selection is still available, and very soon the Autumn and Halloween releases will swell into store for over excited beer nerds like me to gobble up everything we can. This year’s seasonal offerings are not yet reflected on the LBCO’s site, but their interactive beer garden is.

The Beer Garden allows you to visually inspect just about every beer that you can find at the LCBO, as well as build a shopping cart of your favorite beers and it will tell you the closest locations to you that have them all. You can also take a beer personality quiz to see what beer est suits you (this is total BS, but fine), and the Beer Selector allows your to narrow your choices by type, body, country and brand.