Tasting the Brooklyn Lager

September 30, 2010

In the 1800’s Brooklyn New York was a haven for brewing in America, sadly though, prohibition and time destroyed a once vibrant community. We are lucky today though because the Brooklyn Brewery has brought revitalization to the heart of New York by brewing new and innovative beers, and exception traditional beers which pay homage to their predecessors.

The Brooklyn Brewery’s flagship beer is the Brooklyn Lager, an award winning Vienna Style lager brewed traditionally as would have been done in 1890. It is available at almost all LCBO locations all year round, and is distributed all across the United States and is beginning to float across the globe.

This is all for very good reason too; Brooklyn has brought back to us a fantastic example of the Vienna Lager, a purely refreshing, versatile and meaty beer which fits many situations all too perfectly. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Basics: Ales vs. Lagers

April 16, 2010

I do love it when I’m at a restaurant and a server is trying to tell me something about a new beer that they just got in and I ask her to explain what type of beer it is, and she replies that it is an Ale… Well, I definitely don’t love that, cause really the majority of beers styles are Ales. When it comes down to it, every beer can be classified as either an Ale or a Lager, so she hasn’t really explained to much to me.

But I do understand, because until it is explained, this whole world of ales vs lagers can be very confusing. Especially considering the silly amount of theories that surround the subject. Such as the thought that ales are dark and lagers are light, or ales are higher in alcohol than Lagers. These may be true in certain scenarios, but is a generic and incomplete definition. And truly, those are characteristics, not definitions. Read the rest of this entry »