Quick Tastes of the Ithaca Excelsior Old Habit

July 16, 2010

Sometimes I crave a good rye beer – and nothing makes one better than actually being brewed with all rye malts, and also being aged in rye barrels! Ithaca Beer Company has done exactly that with their Old Habit, which is part of their Excelsior lineup of vintage beers. This is a big 9% rye beer than comes in a clean and classy 750ml wine shaped bottle. It is brewed with three varieties of rye malt, and is aged in Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey barrels from the Heaven Hill Distillery.

So if you like rye beers and you see one of the bottles on the shelf at your local beer or liquor store… Buy many! I mean, buy them all! This is truly a one of a kind beer, and I have yet to find a rye beer that possesses the same unique, and potent distinct rye malt and rye barrel flavors as does the Old Habit. I just popped a few in the cellar for ageing, and I am madly excited to see what happens in 3 or 4 years! Read the rest of this entry »