Looking Forward to What Innis & Gunn has in Store for Us

August 20, 2010

Since 2006 Innis & Gunn has brought us special edition beers every holiday season. And now it seems like Canada’s enthusiasm for this Scottish Oak Aged Beer is paying off! Now we get both a special edition beer that comes in individually sealed boxes, as well a a connoisseurs pack with three beers and an Innis & Gunn stemmed beer glass.

This year in the connoisseurs pack you will get the Original, the Rum Cask is back, and the new Winter Beer – which is 8.5%, and tremendously exciting! Innis & Gunn insiders have said to me that they have never seen Dougal (the founder) more excited about a beer. I am madly excited to try this special winter beer. I will post new reviews of each of these beers in the coming weeks, as well as full descriptions of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Its Friday! It’s Beer Time!

April 30, 2010

It is supposed to me miserable and rainy all weekend in Toronto, but today it is going to be 23C and sunny! What better way to finish the week than with some great beers!

So get off work early, find your nearest well stocked LCBO, and listen up. Friday’s are built for relaxing, and a great beer, or five. And it is just what the beginning of the weekend calls for. I’m not talking about a 6-pack of MDG or Stella, I mean real flavor year. Lets kick this weekend off with a good start and some real energy.

Here is my “Summer is close enough that I am going to call it summer” Friday afternoon beer tasting! Read the rest of this entry »