Please Don’t Drink Light Beer to Loose Weight, Look to Real Beer!

August 12, 2010

Really? Are you willingly going to choose to drink Bud Light, Coors Light, Molson 67 or any of the other low-cal commodity beers? I know their claim of low calories and light body is alluring to you, but what about their lack of aroma, flavor and character? Surely that should play a role. Are calories really the be all and end all of your beer decision?

But we are a more educated society than that now, and we realize (or should realize) that some calories are made different than others. Yes, some are good, and some are bad, or at least worse than others. This should be your primary focus when considering the calories that you ingest. Yes quantity is important, but the type of calorie is much more vital to your health, and how your body utilizes them. Read the rest of this entry »