Tasting the Brooklyn Lager

September 30, 2010

In the 1800’s Brooklyn New York was a haven for brewing in America, sadly though, prohibition and time destroyed a once vibrant community. We are lucky today though because the Brooklyn Brewery has brought revitalization to the heart of New York by brewing new and innovative beers, and exception traditional beers which pay homage to their predecessors.

The Brooklyn Brewery’s flagship beer is the Brooklyn Lager, an award winning Vienna Style lager brewed traditionally as would have been done in 1890. It is available at almost all LCBO locations all year round, and is distributed all across the United States and is beginning to float across the globe.

This is all for very good reason too; Brooklyn has brought back to us a fantastic example of the Vienna Lager, a purely refreshing, versatile and meaty beer which fits many situations all too perfectly. Read the rest of this entry »

New York Craft Beer Week Introduces a Truly Unique Viedo

September 23, 2010

Recently there has been a slew of Craft beer videos all resonating the same message about how much we love craft beer. Most of them are great, but absurdly repetitive uttering “I am a craft beer drinker” over and over again from different people at different angles. It was refreshing then to see the newest Craft Beer promotional video for the New York Craft Beer Week. This video is totally original, unique, and pretty awesome. I don’t think anyone has done a beer promotional video like this before. Hats off to ya guys. Oh, and NY Craft Beer week is going to be crazy! September 24th through October 3rd. If you are in New York, go get some great beer!

Brooklyn’s Next BrewMaster’s Reserve, the Detonation Ale

July 26, 2010

If you are unfamiliar with the Brooklyn Brewery, well, go get yourself acquainted. Then come back, and learn about the Brewmaster’s Reserve Series of beers. The range of Brooklyn’s regular line of beers plus their big bottles is already staggering, then when you add the freedom of the brewing genius and disciple that is Garret Oliver (Brooklyn’s BrewMaster and renowned beer writer) creating his own beers without limitation, well, you get something very special.

The BrewMaster’s Reserve is a series of beers produced only for draught, and all of unique and special design by Mr. Oliver himself. Every few months Garret releases a new creation – creations like the Manhattan Project, a beer designed to mimic the flavors of a Rye Manhattan! Read the rest of this entry »

Quick Tastes of the Brooklyn Lager

July 6, 2010

How often are you looking for a soothing and quenching beer? One that is smooth and delicious, but not aggressive or overpowering. It happens all the time really. This beer fits almost any dinner perfectly, it will match snack foods during the game, cool you off after a hard work day, quench your thirst in the sun, and relax you with your pals. Its the Vienna Lager, and its by the Brooklyn Brewery.

This is the standard, the go-to. It is 5.2% abv, comes in 6 packs at most all LCBOs and is available readily throughout the United States. Hell, it is even now being sold in India! But most importantly it hits the perfect balance of smooth malt flavor and quenching hop bitterness. What you have here is a traditional Vienna Lager that has been favored and adored in Brooklyn since the late 1800’s. It is brewed with the finest malts and hops, and matured at cold temperatures to clarify and purify the flavor of the beer. If you normally go home and grab an MGD, Coor’s, Canadian, or Moosehead – please, please, please try this beer and enlighten your taste buds to real flavor. Read the rest of this entry »

Tasting the Brooklyn BrewMaster’s Reserve Manhattan Project

June 23, 2010

This is an interesting one to say the least. The Brooklyn Brewery has created a series of beers branded as BrewMaster’s Reserves. Brooklyn’s BrewMaster is the much renowned author and beer and food advocate Garrett Oliver. Garrett has been the BrewMaster at the Brooklyn Brewery since 1994, and has helped propel Brooklyn to the highest ranks of American Craft beer – it is beers like the Manhattan Project that prove this feat.

This beer is a collaboration between Garrett and one of America’s leading cocktail experts David Wondrich; it has been inspired by the traditional Manhattan made with Rye Whiskey rather than Bourbon. This really is a new and amazing realm of beer then, one driven by the power of spirits and cocktails. If done masterfully, this could really begin a new genre of great beers. Already brewers take flavors from foods, herbs and spices to create great beer; spirits and cocktails is just the next step. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m off to Buffalo to Drink Brooklyn!

June 21, 2010

Tonight Cole’s Pub in Buffalo New York is hosting an evening with the Brooklyn Brewery and their Brewmaster Garrett Oliver. Not only is Garrett Brooklyn’s Brewmaster, but he is also a world renowned author, aficionado, and leading expert in craft beer as well as one of the most pronounced advocates of beer and food pairings today. His book and teachings have inspired and driven me to a life surrounded by real beer, and his brewery continues to amaze me every season.

There will be 15 different Brooklyn Beers being poured tonight, including several BrewMaster’s Reserve Series, which to my knowledge are never bottled. I have been excited for this event for weeks now, and will report back with exciting and delicious news from the field!

Tasting the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

May 27, 2010

Its a beautiful thing for me when fall and winter roll around. Not for the weather, I really love summer and always hate to see it go. But the colder seasons do bring about the big stouts again. Its a seasonal thing, and I understand, but I still think that you can enjoy a nice big stout on the hottest of days. Just last week on a steamy Friday afternoon a friend of mine and I sat down and enjoyed the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

I did already mention it when writing about a beer dinner that I prepared, but I don’t think I gave it as much attention as it deserves. This is a big stout made available by the Brooklyn Brewery from October through to March. It is brewed as an Imperial Stout reaching 10.1% abv in regular 355ml bottles. I do wish that it came in the larger corked 750s, but I’ll survive. I have only had this beer fresh, but I recently put four bottles of it in my cellar to see how they mature – and I am expecting very positive results! Read the rest of this entry »

Brooklyn Brewery’s Website

May 20, 2010

Have you been to the Brooklyn Brewery web site before? You really should. The site is designed and branded perfectly, as you would expect from the masters at Brooklyn. But more importantly the content is rich and always up to date. Today I just saw their release for the Summer Ale, and they provide a full description of the beer, its history, specs, as well an food pairing suggestions.

The site has cooking recopies using their beers, events listings, tons of information and history about the brewery including many stunning pictures of it, full details on all their beers of course, and much more. There is also a blog so you can always be up to date on the most recent Brooklyn news and releases.

I appreciate a well done website these days, and too many breweries let theirs slide into the mid ’90s. There are many breweries out there keeping up excellent sites, and Brooklyn is one of them. Well done guys.

“Calculated Spontaneity; Preparation of a Dinner with Beer” Part 8, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

April 17, 2010

Part 7

About an hour has gone by since dinner, and we are a bit more relaxed, but still on the verge of a food coma. And as expected, it was time to enjoy the cheesecake. I paired the banana peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake with the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. When thinking about what to serve here I was a bit perplexed. The cake will be creamy and sweet, with lots of cheese, chocolate, and lots of flavor. I needed something which could stand up to all of this, while at the same time match the texture of the cake. I didn’t want a crisp beer to fight against the creaminess, I wanted to exemplify it! The Chocolate Stout is really was the perfect pair.

The Brooklyn Brewery was opened in Brooklyn New York in 1989, and has since become a world leader in producing historic, innovative, and amazing craft beers! Their brewmaster Garret Oliver has become a world renowned advocate for craft beer as well as pairing beer and food. He is also probably the best dressed man in the industry – no joke. Once again I could talk about the Brewery forever, but let’s get to the stout. Read the rest of this entry »

Tasting the Brooklyn Local 1

March 16, 2010

Brooklyn Local 1Anytime the guys at the Brooklyn Brewery put their creative minds and palates to work they create something truly spectacular. Garret Oliver (Brew Master) and his team never cease to amaze me, and the Local 1 is no exception. It is a Belgian Inspired Strong Golden Ale at 9% abv, and comes in custom designed 750ml corked bottles. Luckily, the Local 1, as well as its sister beer the Local 2, are both available year round in most of the United Sates. From Ontario, unfortunately we don’t really have easy access to either. Beer bars like the Beer Bistro will often have it, if not you can always mission over to Ryan’s Party Store in Port Huron, or Premier Gourmet in Buffalo to find them.

They really are worth the mission. The Local 1 is brewed with Brooklyn’s special Belgian yeast strain, and is 100% bottle re-fermented making it strikingly unique. Read the rest of this entry »