Real Beer

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPAIt’s not ‘just beer’. Anyone that refers to beer as ‘just beer’ really has no idea what beer actually is. They are the people that describe the flavor as ‘beery’; but beer is not a flavor, it’s a beverage! If you consider your beer to be ‘beery’, you are probably drinking one of the many brands that blanket television commercials, sponsor every sports event in the world, and use ad campaigns that focus more on promoting a lifestyle or cleavage than the actual beer itself.

All of these beers and the rest of the commercial beer world have one thing in common; they are designed to be bland. They are built so that they will not have aDogfish Head Black and Blue unique flavor in them which could potentially eliminate customers. But it is the unique flavors in beer, wine, and food which we love! Why would you want to eliminate that!? Well, of course, the more generic the beer is, the more people that wont hate it. Don’t you see something innately wrong with that? Rather than creating a beer designed to be delicious, the commercial giants are creating beers designed not to be unique.

Because these commercial breweries control the massive majority of the beer industry, and have almost exclusively taken over the world of beer marketing, people all across the world have been convinced that this is what beer is. That’s why I hear people say “I just don’t like beer, it’s too beery”.  It’s really unfortunate, but I do understand; a lot of people most likely have just not had the opportunity to experience real beer with real flavor. I’ll say, “Have you ever had a beer brewed with apricots?”, or “how about chocolate and cherries?” People usually laugh at the thought, but once again, it’s because they are completely oblivious to a whole spectrum of flavor, and a world of beer that exists; a fantastic and flavorful world!

Brooklyn Local 2Real beer is crafted to entertain you, to excite your imagination, and to take your palate on a wonderful journey through flavor. Real beer is created without limitations, and is filled with distinct flavors that can perfectly match about any occasion, and any food. Commercial beer is very one sided, it has been produced as a utilitarian instrument designed to simply get you from “A” to “B”. Real beer however is crafted so that you will enjoy the journey, and maybe discover something exciting along the way!

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