Stephen Rich, Real Beer Consulting, Journalism, Enthusiasm

Toronto Ontario, Canada

I am marketing real flavor; I am marketing real beer. I am consulting to consumers, to businesses, to restaurants, to pubs and bars, to people that love real flavor and to their palates. After years in a journey through this gamut of taste I am now wholeheartedly entrenched in the world of real beer, and consider myself a student and aficionado of it. I know what works with beer, and what doesn’t.

It only took one sip for me; one sip of Schneider-Weisse Aventinus in 2002 and I was changed forever. I had no idea you could enjoy flavor like this from beer. The Aventinus, and the beers that followed it opened my palate, my mind and my heart to a spectrum of flavors that I didn’t even know existed!

My goal is to share my passion and enthusiasm for real beer with everyone who is sick of settling for the ordinary; people who are tired of having expensive ad campaigns force feed them mass produced, commodity grade beer. The difference is purpose: real beer is produced and crafted for the purpose of creating something delicious, unique, enjoyable, and exciting; the commercial breweries are producing beer to sell it; which doesn’t mean that it is good.

Real beer can be more than just a beverage; it certainly is more to me, I believe that beer can enliven and energize your food, your life, and you soul. Real beer has distinct flavors with no limitation. I am excited for the opportunity to show people the magnificent world I which have become completely infatuated with; one that is the world of real flavor, and real beer!

3 Responses to Definition

  1. mika says:

    Wow you really are starting this eh! im so impressed! you’re finally doing something you really love, and i know have a huge passion for. I love your site, and you know if i ever hear of anyone looking for info on beer or food ill send them you way. It’s so nice that you are to putting this together 😀


  2. Katrina says:

    I am impressed Steve! I heard about your new business venture and I am really quite intrigued. Makes me want beer really badly now!

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