Beer Services

An Introduction to Real Beer, With Steve the ProfessionAle

Number of Participants: 6

Length of Tasting Session: 2 to 2.5 hours

Number of Beers Sampled: 6

Food Included: Snacks

Location: At the customer’s request

Cost: $250


Real beer is a beautiful and flavor world that most people haven’t had the opportunity to explore or experience. Commodity grade beers flood the market and pump advertizing at the public from every angle; it can even be hard to realize that there is such deference between this beer and the real deal.

This is the purpose of the Introduction to Real Beer Tasting Session – to show people that real beer does exist in our home market that was designed and crafted with passion. The mass market producers are trying to brew one or two different beers to meet everyone’s needs – but that is not how human nature works. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, real beer is created to entice and energize those senses, not to dull them.

In this introductory session we will briefly overview the difference between commodity-grade beer and real beer in its production and purpose, but then we will show that the proof is really in the pudding. We will taste 6 different real beers all available at the LBCO, each originating from a different country.

6 real beers, from 6 countries, and with 6 different flavors characteristics will open our minds and palates to a wide spectrum of flavor that most people simple weren’t aware existed in beer. We will engage each other and openly discuss what we do, or do not enjoy about each individual beer, how they can be paired with foods, and the best way to serve and enjoy them.

Light snacks to help cleans our palates will be provided, as will specifically detailed information sheet about each beer we enjoy.

Welcome to the world of real beer. Cheers!

Beer Menu Design

Whether a pub, restaurant, or your own kitchen, if you serve food you can benefit from all of the flavors that real beer has to offer.  Real beer is filled with rich aromas, unique and exciting flavors, and can have a variety of different textures; finding a beer that compliments or contrasts your food perfectly can elevate menu to a new level of taste and excitement.

Because there is such a wide range of flavor available in beer you can pinpoint specific beers to best match your fare. For special events, seasonal menus, regular dishes, or just your beer fridge, I can create a beer menu that will stimulate and entertain you and your guests, and reveal the best that real beer has to offer.

Real Beer Bartending

Why settle for the ordinary selection of commercial and generic beer? Your guests have seen it all before, and it is certainly nothing special. If you are looking to wow your friends, colleagues, clients or family with something exciting then Real Beer Bartending may be exactly what you are looking for. Most people are unaware of the unique beers that are available to us; real beer has such an amazing spectrum of flavors and such a rich history that people are constantly drawn into it once they are exposed to it.

Real Beer Bartending gives you the opportunity not only to serve something that your guests have potentially never seen before, but it will provoke them into thought, and enlightened conversation. It is never a surprise to me when I talk about real beer to people, and they are instantly hooked on the topic; who knew that there are chocolate and cheery beers available, or crème brulee beers?

As a Real Beer enthusiast I consider myself a student and aficionado on beer, and I will captivate or, simply relax and serve your guests beers from around the world that will simply amaze them.

Beer Tastings

Organized beer tastings are definitely the best part of my job, and they can encompass a wide range of subjects and formats. Essentially, in the tasting session I will lead a group of almost any size through a tutored tasting of a range of beers either on their own or paired with food. The beers and their pairings are subject to the type of tasting I am conducting.

This then is completely up to my patrons. The most common beer tasting is an introduction to real beer. During this session we examine between 5 and 7 different beers of a variety of style and origins to develop a sense of the huge range of real flavors and delicious qualities that craft beer can offer. Each beer is enjoyed individually as I brief the beer and its brewery, a short history of its style, what to expect from the beer, and how to most appropriately enjoy it to its fullest extent.

While sampling the beers we are engaged in an open flow of conversation to try to pick out the flavors of the beer and discuss what people do or do not enjoy about it, and how it can be paired with food, or what scenarios it may be best for. This is a lot of fun, especially if the group is ready for open and entertaining dialogue.

This is the most generic of the tasting sessions that I perform; more specific tasting can revolve around a specific beer style (tasting stouts, Pale Ales, Barley Wines, etc), a brewery (a vertical tasting of what a specific brewer has to offer), or even a unique characteristic of certain beers (how do hops affect flavor, what does oak aging do for beer, or is it worth ageing this beer or not). These are better suited for more experienced beer lovers, but are great fun for everyone.

Tastings can be completely customized to each individuals taste. Wine lovers and sommeliers are often eager to promote the value of wine over beer as a match for food – I will take on that challenge any day. Cigar and beer pairing sessions are also a big hit with unassuming aficionados. Or for the chef or baker in all of us, cooking and baking with beer is a fun and tasty class that I can organize in the comfort of your own home.

As you can see, beer tasting sessions revolve around you, and what you want to experience. Let real beer in and it will show you a new world of flavor that will entice and excite your palate like never before.


Beer Tasting Categories:

An Introduction to Tasting Beer and Beer Flavors

Beer is a extraordinary and unique beverage covering a greater range of flavors, aromas, colors, textures and spices than any other drink in the world. This, combined with people widespread misunderstanding of real beer makes beer’s flavors interesting, and often difficult to taste. In this introduction tasting we thoroughly temper our palates and senses to prepare them for a world of flavor found in beer, and then of course, examine that world.

The Power of the Dark Side

Explorations through the range of flavors that exist in dark ales such as stouts, porters, scotch ales and nut browns. These beers are largely misunderstood and are often judged as heavy, thick and robust. This is occasionally the case; however it by no means can categorize this entire range of beer. We will discover a gamut of flavors, textures, and styles of beer that have much more diverse characteristics than people typically associate with the dark side of beer.

From Belgium with Love

The Belgians have been producing some of the world’s finest and most complex beer for hundreds of years, yet most people have little if any exposure to them. This tasting tours some of the most unique beers available to mankind and engages a rich history of beer which is over one thousand years old.

A True Pale Ale

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions amongst beer consumers is what a Pale Ale, or IPA (India Pale Ale) really is. The commercial Pale Ale, famous on every television commercial and sporting event, has one simple purpose, which has nothing to do with flavor. Real Pale Ales are crafted in order to exemplify real flavors. In this tasting we examine the difference between what the commercial giants have convinced us a Pale Ale is, and the amazing flavors can truly exist in real Pale Ale.

Proudly Canadian, eh!

Although there is one brand of beer which bears my country’s name which I am not so proud of, Canadian Breweries are producing magnificent and delicious beers from coast to coast.

Hops, Malt, Yeast, and Water… Right?

This is beer school! What better kind of school is there? This tasting can range in its coverage and length. In one two to three hour tasting we can overview what real beer is, how it is made, a very light history, and try some steadfast examples of real beer. With additional tastings, this can evolve into a full journey though beer: how to cook and pair beer with food, matching beers with cheese, enjoying beer with deserts, or even examining specific ingredients in beer and how they influence the final result. At beer school, you create the semester, and I will design the curriculum.

Comparing Apples and Oranges

Fruit beer? Really? Actually, yes! Fruit and fruit juices have been used in brewing beer for ages, and still today there exists a huge and delicious range of beers made with real fruit. This is one of the sweeter tasting, literally, and in it we will enjoy some of the world’s most unique beers all brewed with fruit.

Seasons Change, Beers Change

On a hot summer’s day by the barbeque or on the beach, there is nothing quite a quenching as a crisp cold and refreshing pilsner. But on that cold stormy winter’s night by the fire, it really would not be your best choice. Real beer has such a diverse variety of flavors and textures making it a perfect seasonal drink – you can always find something that flawlessly suits the moment. In this tasting, we will taste some of the new beers available for that specific season and examine why they do, or don’t match it well.

Wheat, It’s Not Just For Breakfast

They were some of the first beers every produced, and they are even making their way into the commercial beer market. They are weisse biers, witbiers, hefeweizen, and wheat beers. They are all really the same beers brewed in different countries with different traditions and characteristics.

Extreme Beer; Extremely Intriguing

They are brewed with yams, star anise, espresso beans, or oysters; aged in bourbon barrels, cabernet sauvignon barrels, or left to rest for years before bottling. Sometimes they are even a recreation of a beer that may have been enjoyed in ancient times. These are all extreme beers. They defy all forms of categorization, and truly set your imagination free. They are some of the most exciting beers to enjoy, and are certainly among my favorite to talk about. The Extreme Beer Tasting features unbelievably unique beers from around the globe, and is a great treat for the avid beer or flavor aficionado.

6 Responses to Beer Services

  1. Tyler Reavell says:

    Hey Buddy,

    Just checked out the site, very impressive. I love real beer. About a year ago I had a bottle of rogue dead guy ale, and it’s been all uphill since. Look forward to running into you next time, and talking some beer! Have you managed to try Dark Lord yet?

    • Thats awesome Tyler, very happy to hear that. If you see it, make sure you grab a red bottle of the Double Dead Guy.. Very impressive stuff. The Dark Lord has unfortunately never been in my possession, which is quite frustrating given its amazing reviews. You’ll have to let me know what you think. Keep me posted it you are even in Toronto!

  2. Tyler Reavell says:

    I have a couple of double dead guys in my cellar at the moment.. I love the caramel flavors that compliment the hoppiness. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Ryans Party Store, but it is about 55 minutes from London, maybe 2 minutes across the border at Port Huron. They stock a large volume of bombers, and Trappiste beers. They have most Rogue, and Southern Tier, Doghead, Brooklyn beers, and a massive selections of others. There are four of us going to Dark Lord Day, with 8 Golden Tickets. Apparently last year there was additional beer for sale after the event, which we are hoping for this year. Either way, I am happy to hold onto a bottle of Dark Lord for you… you are obviously worthy of its greatness. I am keeping a bottle for my 30th, and 50th birthday, and the rest is for enjoying, sharing over the next couple months.

  3. Tyler Reavell says:

    lol… by Doghead I of course meant Dogfish Head…

  4. Nice Ty, thats amazing! I would absolutely appreciate a bottle of DarkLord! We should set up a tasting or beer trade some time.

    I do know Ryan’s, I was actually there chatting with Brian (their beer guy) last week when I went to grab Wex from the Detroit Airport. He does have an amazing selection, and always hooks up something special. If you can make your way to Buffalo, check out Premier Gourmet. Check out the beer list (, ‘nough said… wow.. Wex is on his way there tonight, and I’m making a mission on the 25th for a beer tasting I am hosting in May.

    Drink well sir, I’ll look forward to hearing about the Dark Lord!

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