You Know You’re Obsessed When…

It always starts as a healthy passion. Something that you found to be intriguing, exciting, and perhaps delicious. The more you learn about it the more unique it becomes, and the more that it reveals itself, the more it sucks you in. Most likely its happened to you with something in your life; a sport, school subject, TV show, or a girl. Whatever it is, I’m sure you know what I mean. But then one day, you realize, that this passion is beginning to get out of control, and you are now totally obsessed.

It started for me with beer in about 2005. I thought nothing of it, but quickly my computer desk was being filled with beer bottles. There were bottles on top of it, on the shelves, in the book compartments, behind my monitors, and pretty much everywhere I could fit them. Much to the dismay of my girlfriend at the time, I would not get rid of these bottles. The 200 some odd bottles then has exploded into over 1,200 different bottles today. I am obsessed.

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