The Ola Dubh Will Return to The LCBO. All Of Them!

Every once in a while the LCBO brings in a beer that totally shocks me. And its not necessarily the beer itself that gets my attention, but the fact that the LCBO had the you-know-what to actually bring it in! Last year the LCBO proved their worth to me by bringing in the Ola Dubh 12 and 40 – while the 40 was grossly over priced at $18.95 for a 330ml bottle, I was still excited to have it here. As well, it is a rare and pricey beer, so you can’t completely blame them.

This year the LCBO has again shocked me, and more so beyond last year. Not only are we getting the 12 and the 40 back, but the reaming Vintages in the Ola Dubh line are coming! That means soon we will have access to the Ola Dubh 12, 16, 18, 30 and 40! This is not yet reflected on the LCBO’s system, but was confirmed to me by beer services employee at the Sumerhill location.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ola Dubh, here is the jest of it. The Harviestoun Brewery is one of the UKs most honored breweries, they have partnered with perhaps Scotland’s most famous ditillery to create a Scotch Barrel Aged Stout of unparalleled character. The stout that is created is aged in Highland Park Whisky Barrels of either a 12, 16, 18, 30 or 40 year vintage, one of exceptional depth and maturity. Amazing stuff.

We should expect these in within the next month – my source said that they are already in the warehouse and will be priced between $5.30 (the 12) and $18.95 (the 40).

2 Responses to The Ola Dubh Will Return to The LCBO. All Of Them!

  1. Lost says:

    That’s awesome. The 30 is still in my top 5 beers ever. I didn’t even know they made a 40-year!


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