Tasting the Brooklyn Lager

In the 1800’s Brooklyn New York was a haven for brewing in America, sadly though, prohibition and time destroyed a once vibrant community. We are lucky today though because the Brooklyn Brewery has brought revitalization to the heart of New York by brewing new and innovative beers, and exception traditional beers which pay homage to their predecessors.

The Brooklyn Brewery’s flagship beer is the Brooklyn Lager, an award winning Vienna Style lager brewed traditionally as would have been done in 1890. It is available at almost all LCBO locations all year round, and is distributed all across the United States and is beginning to float across the globe.

This is all for very good reason too; Brooklyn has brought back to us a fantastic example of the Vienna Lager, a purely refreshing, versatile and meaty beer which fits many situations all too perfectly. The Brooklyn Lager is 5.2% abv and generally sells in six packs of standard 355ml bottles bearing the original green Brooklyn logo. Strickly it should be classified as an American Amber, rather than a Vienna Lager; it is brewed as a Vienna-Style lager, then is dry hopped.

It pours smooth and cleanly raising a fluffy white head about one and a half inches above the pale amber red beer. It shines with bronze and golden rays peering through the beer exposing life and carbonation pouring up in it. The nose is very clean and crisp with light caramel, soft dry fruit and a very floral hop aroma. It has a touch of malt and bitter shinning though in the scent showing a freshness and drinkability. Overall is displays a dry and crisp nose that is both appetizing and seemingly very smooth.

Drinking the Brooklyn Lager really just relaxing. Benefiting from cold Lager maturation, this beer is exceptionally smooth and elegant. It flows gracefully into your mouth bringing fresh lightly tart floral hops which excite your tongue and cheeks. Slowely crisp and warming malts show themselves at the true heart of this beer bringing light biscuit, soft caramel and still a bouquet of floral hops.

The mouth is very clean and dry creating a quenching, but also satisfying beer. Its body is slightly lush, but also very crisp. Moderate carbonation cleans up the beer nicely and proves its ability to remain flavorful, yet totally civilized.

Its very clean and simple on your palate because it has a perfect balance of ripe fresh flavors. It has been dry hoped as a Vienna Lager would showing light citrus and pine with supreme balance and softness. This brings a huge refreshing and quenching characteristic to the beer, and combined with the smoothness and overall creamy texture of the beer it is very drinkable and well suited for any occation.

The Brooklyn Lager is excellent with barbecue, steak, roast chicken, pesto, fish and chips, cheddar, and really almost anything savory. Serve it right out of the fridge in a pint glass, and enjoy!

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