Bud’s Sales Slide, New Strategy? Free Beer…

As more and more consumers all across the globe choose local, artisan, and craft products the beer industry has benefits greatly. Or, at least the craft beer industry does. Budweiser, who once had an unfathomable stronghold over most segments in the beer market has been loosing ground to smaller, more unique breweries year on year for quite some time now. You just can’t trick people into buying a bad product anymore, at least not as easily as you could before. Budweiser was never about selling you a beer, it was all about selling you an image, an image of who you could be if you drank Bud. Like it or not, that image has been tarnished over the years, and people aren’t so willingly hypnotized by cleavage and free trips. They want quality, flavor, and something unique.

So Budweiser has come up with a new plan to energize, to reinvigorate their appeal to the under 30 sector who is now seemingly ignoring them. Bud will unleash the largest ever national free sample campagn in trendy bards and eateries. This, honestly, is proof that Bud just doesn’t get it. They have no clue why we aren’t drinking their beer anymore. ITS BECAUSE ITS GROSS! Budweiser has never sold beer, that have only ever sold an image. But that just doesn’t work anymore. If Budweiser wants to become a reputable and respectable brand again they will have to understand that they need to change their product, not their technique.

Is is oblivious, or is it arrogant of them? Do they really think that their low cost, low quality swill can outlast? With any luck, as harsh as it may sound, soon Bud will be just a fleeting memory of the horrors of the commodity grade beer industry. IE. Bud will no longer exist in 15 years. Please stop wasting out time, our resources and our shelf space Bud – go have a real beer instead.

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