The 200th Oktoberfest Is Here. Or, in Munich That Is

If I lived in or around Munich, I would be booking off the next 2 weeks to enjoy the 200th anniversary of the Munich Oktoberfest; the largest and most historic beer celebration festival on this planet! From September 18th to October the 4th tens of thousands of people will experience beer heaven in of of the most storied beer locations on earth. But everyone is getting in on the action; brewers all across the globe create Oktoberfest beers – but what is that?

Oktoberfest is more about celebration, friends, food and beer consumption rather than beer appreciation. Not that they don’t appreciate the beer, but it is definitely not a sipping affair. Oktoberfest beers are session beers, meaning that they are 3.5 to 5%, usually pale and lightly malty, with soft hop aromas. They are easy drinking, refreshing and consumable beers. Depending where you are they will be easy to find, but your best bet it you local brew pub, so enjoy!

One Response to The 200th Oktoberfest Is Here. Or, in Munich That Is

  1. Yvonne says:

    I’m leaving for Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday for a week. I hope some of the Oktoberfest festivities spill northward!

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