Dogfish Head Can’t Keep Up With the LCBOs Demands

In a quick follow up to my earlier post today claiming that the LCBO had discontinued the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, I have more information. The LCBO is the worlds largest single buy of alcoholic products, supplying stores all across Ontario. They also have unbelievably strict regulations with regards to what can be sold at the LCBO, and what needs to be met in order to keep that product on shelves. The Dogfish Head 60 is also one of the best selling Pale Ales in North America. Dogfish Head simply cannot keep up supply enough to dedicate all the LCBO is demanding to one distributor. While the LCBO distributes to hundreds of stores, it is nonetheless a single distributor, and Dogfish Head needs to ensure that all of their consumers are happy.

This does mean that hopefully soon the 60 will be back, and hopefully with some friends.

3 Responses to Dogfish Head Can’t Keep Up With the LCBOs Demands

  1. […] Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA – An amazing IPA from a very highly esteemed American brewery. (lcbo) *(checking the lcbo site it notes it is now discontinued?) […]

  2. Grimes says:

    so it’s supply shortage, not bureaucracy that’s deprived us of it’s awesomeness?

    • Well, its kind of both.. yes its a shortage supply, but its only a shortage because the of the quantity demands that the LCBO places of Dogfish. DFH supplies beer to vendors all over north america, it would be irresponsible of them to dedicate so much to the LCBO’s demands, then have to suffers the local, smaller markets.. In either case, they are planning on returning as far as I know.

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