Stone’s Vertical Epic 10’10’10 is Announced

The Stone Brewing Co. does many things that makes me wish I lived in Escondido California, where the brewery is located. If its not just for their beers, its the festivals, the brew pub, the events, specialty and collaboration beers, and the sheer passion and enthusiasm for beer that the whole teem exudes. One of my favorite projects that they have which has been running since 2002 is the Vertical Epic Ale Series. Each year starting on 02’02’02 (ie. February 2nd, 2002) Stone releases a new beer intended to be aged until 12’12’12 (December 12, 2010), at which time they should be enjoyed ranging from a fresh beer to a 10 year old bottle.

Each year is a different ale, and this year’s was just announced: “ale brewed with Muscat, Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc grapes and chamomile.” It is estimated to finish around 9% abv, and will be avilable later in the year (on October the 10th, of course). I always buy at least two bottles, one to age till 2012, and one to enjoy now – I have all starting at 2007, somehow I need to find the 2002 to 2006. Help?

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