The Real Beer Conversion Process

“Whatever Steve, Coors Light isn’t that bad and it’s cheap and gets me drunk. I don’t need to spend the money on this fancy beer”. I have heard this from the majority of my close friends at some point in our friendship. And I understand that they simply don’t value the experience and character that good beer can provide them. But most of the time it is simply an awareness issue. Most of my friends at some point in their lives (as well as most people around the world) were just not aware of what incredible flavors and qualities exist in real beers. And because they don’t know, they place no value on it above what they do know exists.

After some time spent with me enjoying and experiencing real quality beers, each and every one of these friends has independently without being provoked approached me with this: “Steve, I used to think that all beer was just the same, but now that you have shown me all the beers and styles that exist I can’t go back! I am HOOKED on real good beer!”

This is the power of real beer.

It is so much more than just a beverage. It can be refreshing, or soothing. Maybe it is quenching, robust, creamy, oily, light, heavy, spicy, caramel like, chocolaty, bitter, sweet, fruity, and on and on and on. And beyond all this, beers can have a combination two or more of these flavors! A Chocolate stout may be smoothing, creamy, chocolaty, bitter, malty, roasty, espresso like and refreshing all at the same time! This is real beer.

Lets now examine the flavors in Coors light.. Ummmmm, its light….. and…. uuhh.. yellow… very fizzy….. feels like… water… wow, very worthwhile beverage here (extreme sarcasm noted). Honestly, what’s the point in a beer like that?

Because real beer has so many possible flavor, texture, aroma and appearance combinations, it becomes an experience rather than just a beer. This is why it is worth our time and consumption efforts. Our time is valuable; why not spend it on something just as valuable. This type of beer turns drinking beer into a journey through your senses, and I encourage everyone to enjoy it to the fullest, it can be very rewarding.


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