To Honor Michael Jackson, the Bringer of Real Beer

His name is recognizable all across the globe, but not in the manner most people will associate. Michael Jackson, the world’s first true beer aficionado, connoisseur, sommelier, author, writer, journalist and spokesperson for real beer single handedly opened the world’s palate to the magnificent world of real beer. In the dark ages of beer when nobody had ever heard the term “craft beer” Mr. Jackson was travelling the globe seeking out, and exposing beer styles, breweries and brands that are cherished and honored today. Without Michael, we may not know what real beer is today.

Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter passed away 3 years ago today (27 March 1942 to 30 August 2007). To honor the man, and all the contributions that he has made to the craft beer community during his lifetime this will be my only post today, and I will be raising a glass in his honor later in the day with friends, and many other beer aficionados around the world.

Michael Jackson’s books have sold more than 2 millions copies around the globe, his documentary film series, The Beer Hunter, has been shown on television in 10 countries, and his articles have been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. The Institute for Brewing Studies in the United States awarded him their first Achievement award, he was elected the first chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and has been honored by such societies in France, Belgium and Germany.

Michael’s website, Beer Hunter, is still a goldmine of articles that he had written over many years. Each of which is a timeless  adventure into a world that most people are still unaware of. His writing brings you deep into real beer and exposes all of its beauty and intricacies in a way never before seen. His Rare Beer Club could be the best place on earth to get beer. Every month 2 different worthy bottles of beer are mailed to you with full descriptions and applicable readings on each. Every beer snob in the world should be a member.

You can go on an on about Michael’s contributions to the world of real beer, they are endless. And without his efforts, persistence and thirst we may be drinking coor’s light right now. So thank you Mr. Jackson for enlightening our palates, enticing our minds, and enriching our souls. Cheers!

“Great beer has taste. It need not be high in alcohol, but it is full in flavor. Some beers have only two or three percent alcohol; others have nine or ten. One might be a summer refresher, the other a wintery nightcap. It is their flavor that makes then great… Seek out taste.” – Michael Jackson, from The Great Beer Guide, 2000


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