Real Beer, with Stephen Rich: THE SHOW!

My love and passion for real beer… In video form.!

Calling all casting directors, television networks, beer geeks, and friends! For a long time I have dreamed of hosting an exciting and enthusiastic beer show that will introduce people to the rich and fulfilling world of real beer. Generally people don’t have the opportunity to be exposed to the amazing world of real beer – the range of styles, the ways beer can be paired with food, cheese and deserts, ancient brewing techniques, astounding beer festivals, and more are exhibited with passion and soul all across the world!

Too many people still constrain beer to the typecast role of the fizzy yellow drink suited purely for easy and thoughtless consumption. People don’t realize that monks have been brewing beer for hundreds of years, and that you can buy these beers practically everywhere! Or that there are beers designed to taste like a creme brulee. Or beers that rival the complexity of the finest spirits or wines. Or that next time you sit down with a cigar, a rich Belgian Quadrupel could be a better match than the Single Malt Scotch you would normally reach for.

Beer belongs on the dinner table just as aptly, if not more so than any wine in the world.  Beer’s wide range of flavors, textures and strengths makes it amazingly versatile, and the best pairing for cheeses, deserts and any main course. You can cook and bake with beer realizing new and unique flavors. I know this because it has been my passion for many years and I have experimented with this beautiful world searching for all the wonderful ways that we can enjoy real beer.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in talking about this video, and me. Thank you!


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