Looking Forward to What Innis & Gunn has in Store for Us

Since 2006 Innis & Gunn has brought us special edition beers every holiday season. And now it seems like Canada’s enthusiasm for this Scottish Oak Aged Beer is paying off! Now we get both a special edition beer that comes in individually sealed boxes, as well a a connoisseurs pack with three beers and an Innis & Gunn stemmed beer glass.

This year in the connoisseurs pack you will get the Original, the Rum Cask is back, and the new Winter Beer – which is 8.5%, and tremendously exciting! Innis & Gunn insiders have said to me that they have never seen Dougal (the founder) more excited about a beer. I am madly excited to try this special winter beer. I will post new reviews of each of these beers in the coming weeks, as well as full descriptions of them.

The Special Edition beer this year is a long awaited Highland Cask, an Innis & Gunn which has been aged for 49 days in a Speyside Whisky cask. If that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will. I was able to try the 2009 version that was made for Sweden; it was aged in 18 year barrels from a different distillery, and it was hugely impressive. Needless to say, I can’t wait to try this.

The Highland Cask should start to show up at LCBO locations mid September for $4.95, and the Connoisseurs Pack will be out for the Christmas release in November for $14.95.

2 Responses to Looking Forward to What Innis & Gunn has in Store for Us

  1. […] will be at the LCBO hopefully by mid September in 330ml bottles boxed for $4.95 a piece. It is definitely worth the […]

  2. […] should expect the Connoisseur’s Pack to be made available late October to November for the Christmas Release; probably the best overall […]

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