I Didn’t Work Very Hard Today… I Think I Deserve A Beer!

Everyone always claims that they need a beer after a hard day at work. Well, I certainly can not claim that I worked very hard today, but I still think I deserve a beer! Today was a relaxing and easy day of creating beer recipes, going to the gym, soaking in the hot tub, and a mid afternoon nap in the sun. Tiring stuff, I know. My point is that no matter how hard you work, or don’t work, if you want a beer, you deserve it! Cause thats the point of real beer, to make you happy and satisfy your needs and wants. And right now I want a beer!

So what beer do I want after an easy, and stress free day? Its an old favorite of mine, one of the beers that first showed me that real flavors could exist in beer. It always fills me with warm lovey beer feelings, and both refreshes and sooths my palate. It is the Aventinus, by Schneider Weisse. The Aventinus always knows how I like it, and shows me a richly flavored, and delicately complex ride each time. But whatever beer you choose, I hope you enjoy it! Happy weekend.


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