The Ultimate Chimay; The Grand Reserve Magnum

There are three beers in the Chimay line; the Premier (red), the Cinq Cents (white), and the Grand Reserve (blue). Yet only one of these Trappist beers comes with a vintage date, and in only one size – the Magnum. This, the Chimay Grand Reserve Magnum 2010 Vintage is a 1.5L bottle of one of the worlds most outstanding Trappist beers. Not only is this a bigger bottle of beer, which is of course an awesome party piece, and is hugely impressive, but it is by far the most superior of all Chimay beers.

First of all, the larger volume provides a better environment for this bottle conditioned beer to age and mature in. These bottles have also been hand packed and filled rather than by a machine. This unique and awesome beer will store and age for years to come picking up soft sherry and port flavors – I intend on aging mine for many years, and will hold onto one for at least 10. If you have the patience, it is worth the wait. Cellar the Chimay Grand Reserve Magnum in a cool dark place standing up and it will reward you – Chimay guarantees it!


2 Responses to The Ultimate Chimay; The Grand Reserve Magnum

  1. Martin says:

    10 years of aging and still be good.
    What’s the trick? Here is my asumption, the yeast is still alive, that’s why it is aging, so the beer is not pastuerized. If it is hand filled then there must be some chance that oxygen gets into the bottle at the corking. Is the beer unfiltered? I am trying to undestand how a live product will survive 10 years without deteriorating to the point of being undrinkable? Just curious of course< thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Martin, these beers are not pasteurized, and right before being bottles a touch of additional sugar (in this case, Belgian candi sugar) is added to the beer. This way as the beer rests, the yeast can very slowly, but surely eat away at the extra sugar and esters that it has created and produce new, more refined esters. So the yeast is still somewhat active, but close to dormant. Beyond that, it will simply just be conditioning there over time. 9% abv gives it some natural preservative qualities, and the general makeup of the beer will go a long way to ensure that this beer lasts and lasts. I have has an 11 year old Barleywine before (the 1999 Rogue Old Crustacean), and it was magnificent. But there is really just one way to find out 😀


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