How Do You Say That? Goooo-den Carol-us?…

Slowly but surely the range and variety of amazing beers from the other side of the world are making their way both into the American and Canadian beer market. Finally! The world of German, French, Belgian, British and Italian beers are greatly under represented in North America, especially in Canada. The United States is actually doing a fine job at importing some of the best beers that this planet has to offer – but what still gets people everywhere is how to properly pronounce them.

People still call Hoegaarden ho-garden. Ummm not quite fellas. It is properly pronounced whoo-gaar-den with a very soft “d”. Its hard to blame anyone, because we are rarely exposed to the proper pronunciation, but for those who want to know, has an excellent resource for exactly this purpose! Their interactive speech guide will take you through the proper pronunciation of many of the most commonly misrepresented beers.

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