What is the World Coming To!? Beer-Free Beer? Thats Gross.

As a heat wave sweeps over Japan, beer sales have risen by 2.1% in the month of July. And CNN is reporting that it is two to the sales of All-Free, A beer flavored beverage produced by Japanese Liquor giant Suntory, that has no alcohol, no sugar, and no calories. It is apparently flying off the shelves in Japan, but I shiver to think about the process that went into creating this beer.

Beer is brewed by steeping malted barley in hot water to extract sugar to use in the beer – to give it flavor. What is beer without flavor? Can it be even worse than the mass produce commodity grade beers? This could be a new low in “beer”, but I am not close to considering this gross beverage beer. No, I’ve not tried it, so I don’t know if it is actually gross or not, but check out this video by CNN, and take the correspondent’s reaction for yourself.


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