Please Don’t Drink Light Beer to Loose Weight, Look to Real Beer!

Really? Are you willingly going to choose to drink Bud Light, Coors Light, Molson 67 or any of the other low-cal commodity beers? I know their claim of low calories and light body is alluring to you, but what about their lack of aroma, flavor and character? Surely that should play a role. Are calories really the be all and end all of your beer decision?

But we are a more educated society than that now, and we realize (or should realize) that some calories are made different than others. Yes, some are good, and some are bad, or at least worse than others. This should be your primary focus when considering the calories that you ingest. Yes quantity is important, but the type of calorie is much more vital to your health, and how your body utilizes them.

When considering beer, one of the primary caloric contributors is alcohol. But really it is not one that we are going to consider, because light beer and real beer both contain ethyl alcohol (ethanol) – so the amount of calories is proportionate to their ABV. In this case, light beer of course has less than real beer, most being 4% compared to the average 5 of many real beers which can also be upwards of 7, 8 or even 10%.

But here is the real culprit, sugar. Carbohydrates are what contribute a huge amount to a beers flavor, body, and overall character. Once your start stripping carbohydrates you also strip all the beautiful sensations that we love in beer. But you know that. What you may not know is that the carbohydrates in low calorie beer are built differently than the carbohydrates in real beer.

**Carb Lesson** There are essentially two ends to the carbohydrate spectrum; high glycemic index carbs (simple), and low glycemic index carbs (complex). The higher on the glycemic index a carb is the faster your body will absorb, and try to use it. The lower on the index, the slower this process happens. The reason why slow is good, is because it gives your body more time to use the sugar. If you don’t use it by the time its run its course, then it turns into FAT. Public enemy number one. So if the sugar is moving though you quickly, the chances of you using it and not converting it to fat at are lower than if it was moving slowly. Hence, low glycemic index carbs are better for you.

So now we have two different carbs; highly processed simple carbs that will turn into fat easily, and real sugar complex carbs that have a greater chance of being used for energy. Which do you think is in which beer? All commodity beer, not just the light stuff is highly processed, and most often brewed with corn and rice – nearly all of the sugars found in low calorie and commodity beer are high glycemic index; very simple, and will run though you very fest. Michael Jordan knew this, and in fact, his trainer recommended to him that if he wanted to, a bunch of beers would replenish his sugars post game faster than anything else (this was before the widespread of Gatorade).

Real beer is made with malted barley, in small batches, and comes out fresh, clean, unprocessed and real. Thats they key here, real beer is not highly processed, or made with low quality adjuncts. Thus the sugars in real beer are higher glycemic index sugars, so you have a better chance at using them, and then not being converted into fat!

Bottom line: Light beer has simple carbs, Real beer has complex carbs. They will have more of them, cause they taste and feel better, but they are the real deal rather than a simple, processed and bland sugar. So if you want to loose weight but still enjoy good beer, look to real beer, its the choice of champions!


2 Responses to Please Don’t Drink Light Beer to Loose Weight, Look to Real Beer!

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  2. G-LO says:

    Fascinating post! It reminds me of my drinking mantra, “Drink less, but drink better!”. I also like, “Eat less, but eat better!”. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but America is obsessed with more more more, regardless of quality. This applies to our car industry with their SUVs and other behemoth vehicles, our housing industry (McMansions anyone?), our crappy chain restaurants (why would I want MORE of something that isn’t very good to begin with?), and of course our beer. What good is a 12-pack of Coors Light if every one of those bottles tastes awful? I say grab a better quality beer and savor it to see what you’ve been missing all these years.


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