Mark Denny Knows Whats Up

“Todays Macro brewed beers are brewed to a high gravity [high alcohol], filtered, and then diluted to the desired strength with deoxygenated, carbonated water, before being pasteurized (in some countries) in the bottle or can, or in the metal kegs, but heating to 70C for 15 to 30 seconds. All of these processes improve hygiene and reduce costs, but they also reduce the flavor of the beer. This sanitized Macroswill can be stored for long periods and sitributed across the world. As long as it is fizzy and is served cold, and is promoted by TV advertizing, it sells.”

This is the truth. Thanks Mark. Mark Denny’s book “Froth” is an educational guide to the science of brewing beer. It is technical enough to intrigue even the biggest beer nerds, but relaxed enough so that your average beer lover can enjoy it. It is also filled with great quotes like the one above.


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