LCBO Autumn and Halloween Beer Release Details

The LCBOs Autumn and Halloween Beer Releas was just posted up by Troy of  the Great Canadian Beer Blog. Thanks Troy! These are both usually very good releases, and there are definitely several awesome beers to look forward to.

Most notably in the Autumn Release, which will be expected throughout August is the Orval, a classic Trappist Pale Ale; the Southern Tier Choklat, a rich Imperial Chocolate Stout; and Innis & Gunn’s Limited Edition Highland Cask, which has been aged in Single Malt Highland whiskey barrels.

The Halloween release, expected to be towards the end of September will bring us the St. Ambroise, Brooklyn, and Southern Tier Pumpkin Ales, as well as the Dieu Di Ciel Rigor Mortis Quad. See more for the complete listing.

Autumn Release Information:

CBO # PRODUCT BREWERY % alc Size Price
121574 Orval Tappist Ale BRASSERIE D’ORVAL S.A. 6.90% 330 ML $3.60
54106 Smoked Oatmeal Stout TRAFALGAR ALES AND MEADS LTD. 5.00% 650 ML $4.75
84889 Hofbraeu Oktoberfestbier STAATLICHES HOFBRAUHAUS 6.30% 500 ML $3.00
125401 Peche Mortel MICROBRASSERIE DIEU DU CIEL 9.50% 341 ML $3.90
173534 Southern Tier Choklat SOUTHERN TIER BREWING COMPANY 11.00% 650 ML $10.75
177550 Belhaven Scottish Stout THE BELHAVEN BREWERY CO. LTD. 7.00% 500 ML $3.50
177568 Dark Star Brewery Espresso Stout BRANDED DRINKS LTD. 4.20% 500 ML $3.45
174581 Blackberry Porter CANNERY BREWING COMPANY 6.50% 650 ML $6.10
173633 Wychcraft THE WYCHWOOD BREWERY COMPANY 4.50% 500 ML $3.50
172957 Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Highland Cask INNIS & GUNN BREWING CO LTD 7.10% 330 ML $4.95
173641 Muskoka Harvest Ale LAKES OF MUSKOKA COTTAGE BREWERY 6.00% 650 ML $4.95
173658 Garrison Brewing Imperial I.P.A. GARRISON BREWING CO. 7.00% 500 ML $4.25
173047 Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider SAMUEL SMITH OLD BREWERY 5.00% 550 ML $4.95

Halloween Release Information:

90738 St. Ambroise Pumpkin Ale MCAUSLAN BREWING INC 5.00% 4X341 ML $9.95
182287 Southern Tier Pumpkin Ale SOUTHERN TIER BREWING CO 9.00% 650 ML $8.95
201665 Nasty Habit IPA MT BEGIE BREWING CO 5.70% 650 ML $6.10
67710 Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale GREAT LAKES BREWERY 5.50% 650 ML $4.95
90373 Brooklyn Post Pumpkin Ale BROOKLYN BREWERY 5.00% 330 ML $2.50
186775 Rigor Mortis MICROBRASSERIE DIEU DU CIEL 10.50% 341 ML $3.50
676676 Guinness Draught 8 pack Value Add GUINNESS BREWING 4.20% 8X440 ML $20.95

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