TIME Magazine’s Five Beer for the Summer

TIME Magazine recently interviewed Beer Sommelier Samuel Merrit of the Pony Bar in Manhattan to discuss 5 summer beers that you must try in the heat. The video is posted on CraftBeer.com, so check it out, its worth the 5 minutes.

My one reservation about this video is that we need to start portraying craft beer in a higher light. All of these beers were poured in a straight sided pint glass. I understand that they were the pub’s own branded glasses, but that is not the optimal way to serve or display beer. People that are not ingrained in the beer community, such as TIME Magazine, need to see craft beer as a complex and refined drink. Samples should be poured into tulip glasses, or beer like a wheat beer should be served in a weissebier glass.

The 5 beers recommended are 1) Flying Dog Brewery– Woody Creek White, 2) Stoutd’s Brewing Company – Heifer in Wheat, 3) Ithaca Beer Company – Ground Break Saison, 4) Magic Hat Brewing Company – Wacko, and 5) Southampton Ales and Lagers – Double White.


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