Unibroue 17 is Recognized as the World’s Best Strong Dark Ale

The 2010 World Beer Awards handed out near 100 awards for best beers in various style categories defined by both the underlying beer style and region. But after all the judging was completed, the esteemed judging panel awarded 5 “World’s Best” awards to commemorate and celebrate the 5 best beers available to the world.

Unibroue’s 17 took home the Worlds Best Strong Dark Ale! The 17 is their anniversary beer. It is 10% abv, pours a deep amber with rich golden browns and copper reds. A lightly effervescent body brings a rich bouquet of complex malts showing roast, dark fruits, vanilla and spice with fresh aromatic hops. This is truly a remarkable beer and worthy of world wide recognition. Congratulations Unibroue!

The remaining 4 winners were: World’s Best Standard Pale Ale, Deschutes Red Chair NWPA; World’s Best Premium Lager, Primator Premium; World’s Best Strong Stout, Minoh Beer Imperial Stout; World’s Best Strong Wheat Beer, Weihenstaphan Vitus.


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