Quick Tastes of the Schneider Weisse Original Hefe-Weisenbier

It quenches your palate on the hottest and stickiest days with absolute ease. It tickles your taste buds and erupts with excitement when it hits your tongue. Its flavors are distinct and unforgettable, its appearance and stature is legendary, and it is still one of my best friends. The Schneider Weisse Original Hefe-Weisenbier is truly a breathtaking beer, and is worth some focus – it really will bring you amazing sensations like no other beer in the world can.

How is it possible that a German Wheat beer can accomplish all of this? How can this beer be so stunning and awe inspiring? Hundreds of years of tradition, a focus on quality and purity, and a deep passion for beer has produced this remarkable Weizenbier. And the world should be thankful; it is widely available anywhere good beer is sold, and is a regular at the LBCO. My ability to walk into almost any LCBO and always find a bottle of this beer is a blessing from the beer gods. Seriously, I love this beer!

The original is a German Hefe-Weisenbier, an unfiltered, bottle-conditioned wheat beer brewed with big flavor, and classic German flavors. What I mean by that is that a Hefe-Weisenbier will typically have aromas and flavors of bubblegum, banana, orange peel, sweet citrus, vanilla and touches of spice. Sound alluring yet?

The Scheider Weisse is 5.4% abv, an easy drinker, but is packed with delectable flavors. Pour it gently into a tall glass, a weissebier glass if you have, and let it build a large mountainous 2 or 3 inch bubbly head. This is characteristic of the style and contributes to its aromatic properties and overall appearance. The nose will delight you with soft hints of vanilla and sweet creamy malt, all the while masking light and soft aromas of bubblegum, banana and clove. A brisk citrus note will glide in the back, followed by a clean and light hop floral aroma.

The beer itself is hugely satisfying bringing through all of the aromas into your palate with precision and masterful craftsmanship. Vanilla and malt is smooth and soothing while clove and spice tingle off the bottle-conditioned effervescent mouthfeel. Bubblegum and banana are apparent on your cheeks and tongue and finish off whith a lightly herbal hop finish that quenches and delights.

Honestly, go try this beer if you haven’t yet. And if you have, just go remind yourself how amazing it is.

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