Book Review: 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

With the massive array of choices available to beer lovers today it can even become overwhelming when stepping into your local beer or liquor store trying to narrow down your choices or determine which beers may be best. I know its an awesome dilemma, but there are plenty of resources to help us!

1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die is a relatively new book that describes it title. This 4 pound, 960 page beer haven book has contributions from over 40 authors and covers a huge range of beers from around the globe. In the world of beer books there are technical brewing , casual enjoyment , historical, philosophical, biographical books and more. But I do love books like this – books that just describe amazing beer. There is no flow or design necessary, no introduction or conclusion. Just amazing beer after amazing beer.

1001 Beers is organized by general beer styles; Amber, Blond, White, Dark and Specialty. Each page lists the beer’s name, the brewer’s identity and website, the country of origin, when it was first brewed, the ABV, suggested serving temperature, has a few paragraphs on why this beer or brewery is unique, brief tasting notes, and for about 90% of the beers has a clear picture of the beer in its bottle, and poured – usually in a properly branded glass.

It is very systematic, and I love it. It would be hard to sit down and read this book straight from end to end. But as a reverence, or guide to the amazing world of real beer, this is so far the best I have come by.  You can very easily sit down with this book, open to a random page and learn something about a beer that maybe you have been eying for a while, or haven’t even heard of before.

With all the amazing beers out there, having the inside scoop does help you to filter out a lot of what may not be worth your time. As much as I promote trying new beers that you have never seen or heard of, a touch of education can help you ensure that those random finds are good ones.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves beer and is interested in expanding their palate on the wonderful world of flavor that exists in beer. It is available for $25 on ebay.

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  1. big Adam says:

    ohh boy. better get started.

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