The End of History Sells Out in Under a Day

The most recent (and last to be produced) ultra-extreme, high alcohol beer created by BrewDog, The End of History, sold out in under a day when it was released last week. Only 12 bottles were produced and stuffed into a squirrel and sold for $800 CDN. Of the 12 bottles produced, 7 ended up in stoats, 4 in squirrels and 1 in a rabbit.

Without a question it is among the most extreme examples of a beer that has ever been produced, and while BrewDog has taken a lot of flak from beer aficionados and press all around the world the Brewery commends themselves stating that they are trying to challenge the status quo and bring attention to the world of real beer. They certainly have brought a good deal of attention, however some people are concerned that this may be the wrong type of attention.

In either case this is the last of the crazy beers that BrewDog will be making, or so they say. So we will soon see what they have learned from their experiments and hopefully some amazingly delicious beers will come from all of this.


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