15 Famous Beer You Will Never Get to Try

I came across a great post the other day on LegendsOfBeer.com. In fact, it was so great that I needed to share it here. It is a list of 15 beers that we have seen in movies, TV shows or series that we will actually never get to enjoy, or at least try. Shown here is the Paw Tucket Patriot Ale from Family Guy, probably made most famous when Peter and Brian binge drink for a day straight to find the scroll that gets them a brewery tour of the famed Paw Tucket brewery.

Another classic is Buzz Beer from the Drew Carey Show. Drew was actually a small time Cleaveland homebrewer! He and his moronic, and hilarious friends were brewing craft beer in Drew’s garage with coffee beans. And if you remember, were constantly fighting against the major beer companies for space in local pubs. Great insight.

For the full 15 check out Legends of Beer official list. Well done.


2 Responses to 15 Famous Beer You Will Never Get to Try

  1. Daniel says:

    Man, I had this same idea — granted, I didn’t have it two years ago, so they would have beat me anyway.

    Also, you can now try butterbeer at the new Harry Potter theme park.

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