Another Favorite Gets the Oak Treatment

La Trappe Quadrupel, or also available as Koningshoeven Quadrupel depending where you buy it, has for a very long time been among my most favorite beers. This Trappist Quadrupel is so succulent and delicious, I am constantly benchmarking other Trappist beers against it. And now, taking a lesson from the Americans, La Trappe is Oak Ageing their Quad – for an entire year!

The U.S. Craft breweries have been playing with oak ageing for some time now, but I am having a hard time thinking of an authentic Trappist beer which is oak aged. By the end of the year 375ml bottles of La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged will show up in the United States, and I have even heard mumblings that the normal Quad will be back at the LCBO, so one can only hope this unique creation will tag along with it.


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