Quick Tastes of the Brooklyn Lager

How often are you looking for a soothing and quenching beer? One that is smooth and delicious, but not aggressive or overpowering. It happens all the time really. This beer fits almost any dinner perfectly, it will match snack foods during the game, cool you off after a hard work day, quench your thirst in the sun, and relax you with your pals. Its the Vienna Lager, and its by the Brooklyn Brewery.

This is the standard, the go-to. It is 5.2% abv, comes in 6 packs at most all LCBOs and is available readily throughout the United States. Hell, it is even now being sold in India! But most importantly it hits the perfect balance of smooth malt flavor and quenching hop bitterness. What you have here is a traditional Vienna Lager that has been favored and adored in Brooklyn since the late 1800’s. It is brewed with the finest malts and hops, and matured at cold temperatures to clarify and purify the flavor of the beer. If you normally go home and grab an MGD, Coor’s, Canadian, or Moosehead – please, please, please try this beer and enlighten your taste buds to real flavor.

The Brooklyn Lager is exceptionally smooth hitting the perfect balance between a silky clean mouthfeel and natural carbonation to help crisply clean off your palate. Balance is really the key with this beer, and it is apparent once you pour it. It creates a creamy dark gold beer with gentle carbonation pouring up from the glass meeting a soft and fluffy inch and a half head. The nose is soft and mellow sweet with lush aromas of fresh grains, mild caramel, and hints of fresh hops and herbs. Its shows perfect restraint and hints at a very soothing beer.

Sure enough the flavor will not disappoint. The Brooklyn Lager will flow gently over your tongue in a cool and clean mellow wave of fresh malts and hints of bitter hops. Rather than being individually distinct, the light caramel malt sweetness and soft fresh hop bitterness act together as one unique and sooth flavor. It is round and elegant with gentle crispness and a clean, slightly dry finish. This beer fits the bill perfectly and will not disappoint. Keep a 6 pack in the fridge and find your new go-to.

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