Pažintis su Steve’u iš Definitive Ale blogo – Lithuanian Beer Blog Feature on Definition Ale

A couple weeks ago a fellow beer lover and blogger from Lithuania sent me an enthusiastic email asking me for more information about beer in Canada and how I find such great beers. Modestas, the writer for Mgkolekcija, was impressed that I am able to get so much content up on a daily basis exclaiming that it is hard for him to get what I do in a day up in one week. I’ve never been to Lithuania, so its beer culture is completely foreign to me, but I was honored and excited that the good word on good beer has spread all across the globe.

I wrote Modestas a letter explaining what real beer means to me, and how I go about finding it. He has posted an article on his site featuring myself and Definition Ale now! It is unfortunately in Lithuanian, so I have no clue what was written, but I’m sure it was all nice!  Regardless, I am very humbled and happy to be featured on other sites and take it as a great compliment. Cheers Modestas!


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