Drink It, Cook With It, and Bathe with Your Beer…

Have you ever got the feeling before that you just love beer so much that you could bathe in it? Well, now you can!  A web based store called The Beer Soap Company is exactly that; they are selling soaps made from Fruit Beers, Bocks, Pilsners, Witbiers, Porters, Stouts, Seasonals and more! I’m talking about a bar of soap made with the Weihenstephaner Hefeweissebier, Sam Adams Double Bock,  Stone Smoked Porter, Rogue Santa’s Special Ale, or even the Delirium Tremens!

I do love that beer is stretching the boundaries and really getting out into all aspects of the market. It just proves that people everywhere really are passionate about real beer. The Beer Soap Company ships worldwide, o if I can get my hands on some suds, I will report back with a full tasting… or… something…


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