To Nobody’s Surprise, Beer and Pizza Work Perfectly!

Yes its true, after thousands of years of research we finally have unlocked the secret; beer and pizza is an amazing combination! Wow, I know, we all knew this before. But I think people often take pizza and beer both for granted. We get so used to ordering delivery pizza and drinking any cold beer with it that we forget that both beer and pizza have a huge range of flavors that can be married in so many different ways!

The best way to test this is by grabbing a few unique and delicious beers, maybe one you know quite well, and one you have never had, then go ahead and create a pizza yourself! Pizza is really easy to make, and when you are doing it at home, you have limitless opportunities to incorporate any flavor you like!

If making pizza scares you because of the idea of rolling out a dough, and worrying if it will be done or not, then forget the dough. Consider pizza to be any range of sauces and toppings build up on some form of bread. This could be a pita, a big wide slice of bread, or even a soft tortilla – my favorite. So my roommate and I went for it and experimented; one pizza with a spinach tortilla and pesto base, the other with a sundried tomato tortilla and tomato base. Our beers would be the Rogue Dead Guy Ale, and the Stone, Victory, Dogfish Head Saison du BUFF.

Making the pizzas was a lot of fun. On the pesto base I added old cheddar, vidalia onions, roasted red peppers, artichoke, sausage, bacon and fresh herbs. MMMM.. I want it now! On the tomato base we had old cheddar, mozzarella, red and vidalia onions, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, and fresh herbs. The idea was not to see which beer would be better with which pizza, but more to just enjoy these amazing beers with some delicious pizza.

The Dead Guy Ale brought a deep caramel sweet malt backbone that paired so perfectly with the rich, savory sweetness of the meat, onions, tomato and tortilla. The bright, crisp bitterness of the beer helped combat the oils of the cheese and meat, and created a superbly refreshing finish. It perfectly quenched away the big rich flavors of the pizza and prepared me for a new fresh and succulent bite!

The Buff was a richly aromatic pair playing off the herbs in the beer and the pizza. The earthy sweet, and lemon like freshness of the beer created one of the most unique parings I have ever had. The Saison style is perfect for rich meaty and oily foods; its natural carbonation and crisp mouthfeel are perfect for the job. But the wild range of pale malt sweetness and fresh herbs in this beer made a huge impact on me and also one of the most memorable food pairings I have had.

It doesn’t really matter what the food is, or whose beer you are drinking, if you start with fresh ingredients, a delicious result will follow. Thats what makes real beer, and that whats makes real food. Bring some passion and excitement to the table, and create something truly unique, then hit it with a beer that you love, and another that you’ve never tried and open your mind, and palate to a brand new world of flavor that will tingle your taste buds and energize you with pleasure.


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