BrewDog is Killin’ it!

BrewDog, only three years old, has just announced that their first quarter sales are up 250% for 2010 while the industry’s sales are down 5.1% for the same period.  Right now BreDog produces over 400,000 bottles of beer for sales in over 17 countries every month! Thats over 16 thousand hectolitlres of beer per year. This puts BrewDog just under the United States definition of a Microbrewery (max production of 18 thousand hl/yr).

BrewDog has come into a marketplace that loves beer, but has been bored by the same old styles. The Americans have been innovating beers from all across the globe, and BrewDog has taken a similar, if not more drastic approach. They will pretty much do anything if they think it will be cool.

For a full recap of the press release see BrewDog’s Blog entry. Well done guys!


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