How to Pee at the Hofbrauhaus During Oktoberfest

The Hofbrauhaus in Munich Germany is a state owned brewery and beer palace. It is essentially the worlds largest, most visited, and most famous brewpub. It is also at the forefront of the yearly Oktoberfest celebrations in Germany. During Obktoberfest there can be as many as 10,000 people at the Hofbrauhaus trying to eat, drink and celebrate.

This though leads to one tricky scenario; you can only be served food or beer if you have a seat. This causes an issue if you inevitably need to leave your 1 liter stein of beer and go to the washroom – you will surely return without a seat. Over the years patrons have discovered a way around this, and this is no lie. I have confirmed this with a few sources…

When you finish your mug, don’t let the beer wench take it from you. Instead, place it upright between your feet, and when you are ready to pee, that empty stein is your salvation. Seriously, people are peeing at the table into a stein! From what I have heard and read, this is commonplace during Oktoberfest and is expected. A beer wench will even come by on occasion, as everyone to stand, and she will dump a bucket of water on the floor to wash everything away. Wow.


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