Ontario Craft Beer Week is Over, Whats Next?

Ontario Craft Beer Week was a wild mission of beer tasting, pub crawls, and festivals all over the province, and for me, even out of Canada. Overall it was a very successful and delicious week. There we many new beers to be enjoyed, and many friends to be made. Really no matter where you were in Ontario, there was an event of sorts happening near you. Local pubs, breweries, and restaurants had cask ale tastings, new beer features, and beer festivals set up everywhere.

Of the events that I attended, the most memorable was the first in Guelph at the Woolwich Aarow. Their Woolystock 20th Anniversary Festival and Ale Trail on the Saturday/Sunday was packed with beer lovers, locals, great music and great food.

It opened me up to the Wooly, and showed me that there is great craft beer, and people willing to fight for it all over Ontario. Another great event was Great Lakes’ Project XXXX on Thursday. As per their usual project X, there were cask ales and great food – but this time they invited the F&M brewery, Muskoka, and the Flying Monkeys Brewery. There were more beer fans at this Project X than I had ever seen, it was a great BBQ evening consumed by cask beer.

The final event of the week was also one of my favorites, despite the weather. Session 2010 saw 20 breweries and 6 food vendors ban together to promote craft ale. The Sunnyside Pavilion was drenched in rain for a bit, but eventually the sun came out and the beer really started to flow. Some of my favorite breweries from Ontario were there featuring some of their best stuff.

Now that OCB week is over though, you can still continue to enjoy Ontario Craft Beer all across the Province. The OCB website has on it detailed listings of breweries, restaurants and bars that feature craft beer all across the province. So don’t hestitate to check them out, and enjoy what the Ontario Craft Brewers have to offer!


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