One Big Failure to Begin A Revolution

In 1976, when post prohibition brewers were limited to the big commercial guys, and craft beer pretty much did not exist in North America, John “Jack” McAuliffe opened the Albion Brewery in Sonoma California. Jack’s story though is one of short term failure, but long term renaissance. The Albion Brewery never made it very far, but Jack showed people that it was possible to go it on your own, and create real delicious beer for the people.

His model inspired breweries like Sierra Nevada, and successively hundreds more breweries which began to pop up in the United States starting the Craft Beer movement. People like Jack are why craft beer exists to the marvelous extent that it does today. Its no secret that our industry is dominated by the big brewing giants – the tenacity and passion of brewers and beer lovers across North America perseveres and demands real beer. Jack is one of the reasons why we even have that option.

Right now on you can read the inspirational story of Jack’s history in brewing and what it meant to the world of craft beer. So sit down with a nice pint, and enjoy the history lesson; it is rich in flavor and heart.


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