A Lighter, Greener Duvel on the Block

Today Duvel is one of Belgium’s most favorite and famous ales. I have talked in length about Duvel’s heritage, lengthy brewing process, and immaculate results – but now, for the first time in since my existence on this planet, Duvel is releasing a new beer. It is the Duvel Green.

This new, more gentle Duvel shares all of its big brothers flavor and body characteristics but shows a lighter more delicate palate. It comes in at 6.8% abv rather than 8.5 and it set to be available in bottles and on draught.

The funny thing about Duvel Green, is that it is actually not a new beer. It is merely a different version of the exact same beer which we have all come to recognize and adore.

When the classic Duvel is crafted, it spends 3o days being brewed and going through primary fermentation. At that stage the beer is lighter in character, alcohol and carbonation, but is beginning to display many of the classic Duvel flavors and aromas. Normally, this beer would then have additional yeast and sugar added to it and would be bottled. From there it would rest in warm and cold cellars to condition for 60 days, creating the distinct and balanced flavors of the Duvel Classic.

Occasionally though, this single fermented Duvel is kept to be enjoyed by employees of the brewery, and is sometimes sold in bottles at the brewery. It was nicknamed kleine, which means green, and is now being distributed to the public for their enjoyment.

So essentially, Duvel Green is the same base beer as the classic Duvel, but has not been bottle conditioned, and it has been cold filtered. The results are a softer, lighter, and smoother drinking Duvel perfect for the summer. Look for my review very soon.

Thanks to Beer Advocate for their interview with Michel Moortat.


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