Mikkeller Gets Scientific

One of the most exciting aspects of brewing is creating new and unique flavor combinations. It is no different than cooking or baking. You can use traditional, or new ingredients, and use them in so many different ways to create limitless combinations of flavors. Mikkeller has decided to dissect how 5 different varieties of hops influence the flavor of the same beer. This is a great experiment because it will teach you exactly how these various hops used in this specific manner will affect the final product. Without doing this sort of head to head, controlled experiment you can only make an educated guess.

The five varieties of hops being used are Citra, Sorachi Ace, Summit, pollo, and Bravo. Hopefully we will see these arrive in North America, but most likely not in Canada, and most definitely not in Ontario with thee exception of a few privileged beer bars.

Thanks to BeerNews.org for releasing the labels.


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