A Walk Through the Mondial de la Biere, Part 3

… Continued from Mondial de la Biere Review Part 2

On my list still to enjoy was a slew of amazing beers. By now I had enjoyed some of the best beers of my life and somehow did it all in about 5 hours! This really was a ridiculous beer festival filled with unique and exciting beers. You can’t go wrong here, this festival is packed with amazing beers from around the globe. I really wanted to get back to Wals for theri Quadrupel, and still had yet to try Birra del Borgo or Malheur; two breweries which I have never tried before but have always wanted to! I may have been a bit excited at this point.

Wals: Quadrupel (11%)

After the Trippel’s impressive performance I had to try the Quad. It poured with huge liveliness building a light tan, off-white head about two inches above a beautiful cloudy amber brown beer. Specks of sediment were suspended effortlessly in the murky dark golden orange hues. It has a deep and rich malty nose with huge toffee, butterscotch, brown sugar and hints of coffee. It glides into your mouth first with tartly sweet fruits and hints of citrus lifting your palate awake. Immediately though, a silky smooth rush of buttery malts and caramel smooth sweetness overpowers your palate and fills it with huge aromas and deep round flavors. It finished smoothly with a touch of hops but lasting warm malt sweetness. Totally beautiful with massive butterscotch and balancing hop bitterness.

Allagash: Interlude (9.5%)

The Interlude is aged in French oak barrels to create a unique wine like presence in this beer. It has been fermented with two yeasts including Brettanomyces creating a flurry of complex, spicy, funky and sweet flavors. I get soft fruits like pear, apple, and apricot with a warm undertone of biscuit, graham crackers and pale malts. Dry plum and raisin characteristics come into the back of the beer showing a tart and earthy sweetness. The brett is obvious and creates a crackling crisp beer with unique complexity and quenching character.

Left Hand: Milk Stout (5.2%)

A thin but extremely black beer, the Left Hand Milk Stout pours out aromas of roast, coffee and cocoa beans. It is soft and smooth with a dominating roast character and very subdued sweetness. Less sweetness than originally expected, but it comes through with flowing coffee flavors and balancing sweet malts. It is generously bitter and very aromatic with a soft and easy drinking overall character.

Birra Del Borgo: Ducale (8.5%)

This was the first of a few Birra del Borgo that I would enjoy. It is a Belgian Dark Ale that pours a deep dark amber brown with hues of golden red. The nose is softly sweet with caramel, malts, biscuit, brown sugar and spice. The Ducale flows into your palate softy with lush perfume aromatics bringing biscuit malt, creamy caramel, toffee, soft hops and toast. It is gently complex showing hints of bubblegum and bananas with a refreshingly sweet and plum like finish. Purely delicious. Again, I wish I had several bottles of it.

Koningshoeven: La Trappe Witte (5.5%)

Koningshoeven is one of my favorite brewers by a wide margin and I have never had their Witte – so I was pumped. A classic hazy but transparent yellow beer builds a large white pillowy head and puffs out notes of bubblegum, coriander, wheat and orange peel into the air. The beer comes in gently with soft effervescence bringing pale malts, wheat sweetness, vanilla, cloves, spice and soft complexity. It is soft and airy with a quenching and creamy mouthfeel. It is soothing and delicious; look for it on a hit summer day.

Malheur: 12 (12%)

This is another beer that has been on my to-drink list for a long long time. The pour was smooth producing a golden brown beer with prominent red ambers and a short but very dense off white head. A soft nose with apple cider, sweet dark malts and brown sugar builds into a beer packed with rich dark fruit flavors, caramel, toffee and mellow warm malts. Brown sugar comes in the middle huddling around wide and round malt complexity. When it comes in and hits your palate it erupts with effervescence pressing flavors against every inch of your palate in a frenzy of activity. Malt flavors stream throughout the entire beer with a hint of hops and herbs to balance the sweetness. Slightly tart and floral yeast adds a layer of complexity and helps to manage this fantastic beer.

Nat Sherman Metropolitan Union Maduro

As the crowd began to flood and the beer continued to flow we decided to stop and relax for a moment – the perfect time to enjoy a cigar. I had on me the Nat Sherman Metropolitan Union Maduro. This is relaxing and easy smoking cigar at 5 inches with a 43 ring gauge. It is powerfully dark and full flavored though; the perfect pairing for the Malheur 12. The Maduro is a combination of Dominican and Cuban seed tobacco.

The smoke was rich and aromatic with pepper, leather and wood. Softly, as the burn continues added notes of sweet earth, cocoa and oak open themselves to your palate. The smoke is luscious and cloying; it filled my mouth easily and produces wonderful aromas and sweet and smoky flavors. It was an amazing pairing with the Malheur’s sweet malty complexity.

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