A Walk Through the Mondial de la Biere, Part 2

… Continued from Mondial de la Biere Review Part 1

The Mondial so far was an overwhelming mixture of familiar staple beers and unique and exciting new ones. It was almost hard to decide what direction to point my pasting glass! There were 40 or 50 beers in the Media Tent, all the individual brewers booths, plus two Petit Pubs offering beers from around there world by the boat load! One day would not be enough, but I would have to make it work!

Left Hand: 400 Pounds Monkey (6.4%)

After a few big beers it was time for a quenching IPA. The 400 Pounds Monkey by Left Hand Brewing did the trick. The nose is dense hops with mulled spice and touches of earth and pine. The palate comes in with medium sweet pale malts showing some caramel and earth again. The hops are very obvious but are soft and bitter, rather than aggressive as many American IPAs are. Overall it is gentle and mellow with rich flavors of classic malt and English hops to a clean finish.

Birrificio Baladin: Super (8%)

My first sip of a Birrificio beer came in the form of the Super, and it showed me great wide fruit flavors ranging from classic dried fruits, raisins, plums, prunes and apricots all the way to ripe bananas, cherries and apples. Soft malt sweetness was in the heart of the beer with a touch of nuts and sweet amaretto. A balancing floral aroma of hops with spices like cinnamon and coriander help keep this beer in check. It was smooth and really adorable showing me round and warming flavors and a clean delicious finish in a perfectly recreated Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

Birrificio Baladin: Elixir (10%)

My second Birrificio would be no different than the first; delicious and perfectly enjoyable. The Elixir is a Belgian Style Pale that brought touches of tart fruit with it, but mostly sweet candy like malt and biscuit. It shows great complexity and rich malt sweetness and tart yeasty citrus – the flavor is wide and balanced with floral hops and medium bitterness, but overall the beer its deliciously sweet. An extremely satisfying mouthfeel finishes off this unique and exciting beer.

Avery: Salvation (9%)

The Avery Salvation starts of soft with a light pale malty nose showing brief hints of citrus, hops and yeast. It comes in with crisp effervescence and yeast sweet funk. It is a Belgian Style Golden Ale at 9% showing the light and fruity complexity that the style typically should. Floral peaches and smooth apricots spill out of this beer with waves of pale malts and muddled spices. Cinnamon and nutmeg hit my cheeks, and a touch of pepper comes in as well. A quenching burst of hops balances the beer perfectly and creates a soothing and satisfying Golden Ale.

Avery: Mephistopheles’ Stout (16.9%)

A beer that pours with deep and angry presence; much like the character depicted on the front. This is the strongest of the three beers in Avery’s Daemons of Ale series at 16.9% abv (each batch varies slightly). It is an imperial stout with hugely complex malt depth and massive caramel, toffee and burnt chocolate sweetness. Bitter pours out of the beer in the form of baker’s dark chocolate and espresso. Hints of liquorice, rich grapes, prunes, rum, caramel and spices fill this hectic stout. It’s riddled with roast and dark malts – really the first time I went in for a drink of it, it didn’t hit me at right away though. It took a moment for my palate to catch up to it, but when it did the beer rushed in with flavors attacking me at every angle completely engulfing my senses. It is packed with barrels of dark malts, chocolate, roast and char, but is creamy and silky. Really the flavor was everywhere!

Allagash: Four (10%)

Allagash Four is brewed with four malts, four hops, four sugars and four Belgian yeasts making this a richly complex and distinguished beer. This is a beautiful bottle with spicy dry malt characteristics on the nose, but when you get into the flavor the beer it rushes caramel, brown sugar, molasses, roast, toffee, butterscotch, coffee, and sweet fruits across your palate. Classic dried fruits, prunes, cocoa and candy flourish everywhere with a balancing citrus spice from a complex bitter range of hops. There is a lot of delicious in this beer. It finishes sweet with a lasting malt kick – I am going to have to get some bottles of this to age. Very well done and vibrant.

See more from the Mondial de la Biere in Part 3…


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