34 Miles Up and Down Hills On a Bike… With a Keg of Stone 13th!

When was the last time you biked an empty keg 17 miles over of hills to your favorite brewery only to bike back the 17 miles with a full 160 lb keg? Right, of course.. Never! That would be the case for most sane people, but to a group of  environmentally friendly Stone Beer enthusiasts (and crazy people) this proved to be a great idea and a wild ride.

In an effort to prove the usefulness of bikes and thwart the misconceptions of their impractical or dangerous existence Marty Benson and crew did strap and empty Stone keg to a bike and mission it to the brewery only to return with a full one. Wow! Briliantly they documented the whole mission; this is well worth the seven minutes. Well done guys, cheers! Definitely check it out here.


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