Tasting the Unibroue Blonde de Chambly

It was an exciting moment for me at the 2010 Mondial de la Biere when I approached the Unibroue tent, and not just because of the beautiful hostesses clad in French corsets. But this was only the second day that Unibroue’s newest beer had been available – the Blonde de Chambly. After checking in, I made a b-line straight for Unibroue looking for this new creation.

The Blonde de Chambly is a Blonde Ale with Saison characteristics; really it is a typical Unibroue Blond. All of Unibroue’s beers share some similar characteristics. They all have a spicy yeast character to them which can play off as soft and subtle as in this case, or rich and potent as with the Maudite.

I handed over my tickets and in turn received a tall Mondial glass of a pale golden beer which would soon flood Quebec and hopefully Ontario.

The Blond is 5% and will be bottled very soon. The pour from the tap was soft and smooth building a creamy and foamy white head a good inch and a bit above the beer, but it quickly faded with thick lacing leaving only a film on the beer. The Blonde really was exactly that, blond. It glowed in the light with pale straw color and golden light yellow rays of sun. It is not hazy or cloudy like the Blanch de Chambly, but is also not completely transparent.

The nose is delicate and softly sweet showing bright pale malts and ripe fruit and citrus. Hints of green apple, lemon peel and soft hay flutter in the air with a slight hint of floral hops. It is round with warm bread and soft biscuit, and the always fresh and slightly spicy Unibroue yeast.

Here it goes, my first taste of a new Unibroue beer only the second day it has been made available! The Blond is light and smooth flowing in with sweet malts perfectly mimicking the nose. Right away I get soft green apple and lemon zest gently gliding over my tongue as soft and lightly caramel pale malts melt over into my cheeks. It has sweet citrus and muddled light spice floating everywhere in the beer with hints of hop bitter and floral aromas.

It reminded me much more of the Ephemere Pomme rather than the Blanche de Chambly. It was soft and creamy showing me a easy drinking and delicious beer. Warm dough and soft sweet bread was everywhere in the backbone of this beer. The finish was soft, short and clean leaving a hint of spice and zest with a slight tart feeling. It came off very soothing and fairly quenching. I do expect the bottled version to be similar with a greater snap and potentially more spice – as it will be bottle conditioned.

I will certainly be looking for these bottles!


7 Responses to Tasting the Unibroue Blonde de Chambly

  1. […] the very first day of the festival Unibroue unveiled their newest beer; the Blonde de Chambly. It classic Unibroue fashion it comes in with crisp and clean flavors with a distinct Belgian style […]

  2. Unibroue says:

    Blonde de Chambly is an ale, not a lager.

    • Thanks! I have been having a tough time finding any info besides what the girls at the Mondial could tell me. Do you have a press release or any info you could send me? Thanks!

      • Unibroue says:

        Press release and technical sheet to follow but here is a bit more info in the mean time.

        Blonde de Chambly is Unibroue’s take on traditional Belgian saison beers. The latter are known to be very thirst quenching, with a refreshing taste resulting from the harmonious blend of citrusy aromas and bitter hops.

        With an effervescence comparable to champagne, it is ideally served in a squash-shaped flute glass to help fully release its delicate sparkling bubbles.

        As it is meant to be a cooling drink and contains only 5% ABV, it is best enjoyed cold, between 4 and 6 °C, with the yeast poured in to enhance the flavour.

        Its nose reveals fresh lemongrass and a bouquet of hops and wild flowers. It also has sweet caramel notes from the malt.

        This velvety golden beer with hints of lemongrass offers a perfect balance between acidity and bitterness. It is the ideal companion for white fleshed fish or mild sausages. It is also a good match for the sour notes in goat cheese and the mildness of washed rind cheese.

        Since it is meant to be a refreshing beer, drink it as fresh as possible.

      • Awesome! Thanks Unibroue! Most appreciated

      • Do you know if/when bottles will be sent to Ontario?

  3. Unibroue says:

    Ontario retail plans still in the works.

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